10 Fascinating Beaches You Should Visit in Batangas


Summer maybe over but it’s never too late to explore these amazing beaches in Batangas that can take anyone’s breath away. Cliche, but there are no other words to describe them.

1. Fortune Island


Ahhh, the famous island with unique Grecian architecture that looks like one of Greece’s most renowned ancient ruins. Who wouldn’t want to get a glimpse of its exceptional beauty? Not to mention the blue waters and white sand.

2. Sepoc Island


One of the most popular beaches in Tingloy Island. It is called Sepoc Island because of the Sepoc trees in the place. If you’re planning to have some quality time with your family or with your barkada, Sepoc Island is an ideal destination.

3. Nasugbu Beaches


Feast your eyes with white fine sand beaches and blue waters of Nasugbu Beaches. There are many beach resorts near Nasugbu like Canyon Cove Beach Club and Pico Sands Hotel so a relaxing and wonderful stay at the beach is guaranteed.

4. Sombrero Island


You might be wondering why it is called Sombrero which means hat in English. Well, the island looks like… a hat. Unique, isn’t it? Aside from its interesting shape, it also offers white sand and clear waters where you can dive, swim, and snorkel.

5. Masasa Beach


Masasa Beach is famous for its wonderful dive spots. And guess what? You can camp out here for free! Cool.

6. Isla Verde


A stunning island that has not been overly developed yet – one thing that makes it even more interesting.

7. Mahabang Buhangin Beach in San Juan


With its name, you already have an idea what you’ll see at this place. Mahabang Buhangin means long sand in English. So you can look forward to witnessing a looong, white beach.

8. Malabrigo Beach


The shorelines of this beautiful beach are covered by smooth pebbles so you should be careful when you are walking along the beach.But we can’t deny that this beautiful destination is one of the must visit beaches in Batangas.

9. Burot Beach


Fill your eyes with the breathtaking sunset of Batangas at Burot Beach. It’s just a few hours drive away from Metro Manila so it’s definitely an ideal place to relax and have an epic adventure.

10. Laiya Beach in San Juan

Laiya Beach is surely anyone’s ideal beach: clear, blue waters, white sand beaches, coconut trees and spectacular views. Plus, there are beach resorts nearby where you can stay and take a rest after a day full of adventure.


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