3 Expensive Destinations in the Philippines for Deluxe Getaways



You’ve probably read a lot of articles about budget-friendly destinations that won’t hurt your pocket. You’ve probably tried mountain climbing, walking along white sand beaches, enjoying extreme activities, and staying at pretty yet affordable hotels and homestays. But if you feel like taking a trip that shows off how much cash you need to spend just to relax and explore the world, visit these private island resorts in the country that are outrageously expensive but offer all the relaxation you can ever want.

1. Balesin Island

image credit: Balesin Island Club / Facebook

Okay, first stop, Balesin Island – the posh island where Heart Evangelista and Senator Francis ”Chiz” Escudero got married in February 2015. This 500-hectare is an exclusive members-only private resort with a 7.3-kilometer white sand beach. You can have 14 free nights at this paradise for P3.5 million a year. Yup. Three point five million. But you won’t regret spending a lot of money when you stay at one of the themed villas that are based on St. Tropez, Phuket, Bali and Tuscany.

2. Ariara Island

image credit: Trending Now PHL / Facebook

If you feel like spending a lot of money to see the most beautiful places in the country (and because you’re freaking rich), Ariara Island is an ideal place to go. You only need one to two million pesos (Just two million? No biggie) to have a luxurious vacation in this 125-hectare island.

3. Amanpulo

image credit: Our Beautiful Paradise / Facebook

You’ve probably heard of this exclusive private island resort for it is one of the famous and most expensive island resorts in the country. You can stay here for P70,000 per night. But with such panoramic views and one-of-a-kind vacation in this paradise, you’ll surely plan to come back here soon.

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