8 Exotic Foods in the Philippines that Will Frighten Picky Eaters



Tired of eating typical food and want something exotic for your taste buds? We’ll forget about the food that you always see on top of the kitchen table and usually taste at some carinderias out there. Prepare your appetite for a list of exotic food in the Philippines. Come on, foodies!

1. Adobong Salagubang


This dish may be new to your ears, but did you know that adobong salagubang (June bugs) is also the famous “pulutan” among drinking men in Nueva Ecija?

2. Tuslob-Buwa


If there really are zombies existing, they would surely love this exotic food in Cebu – Tuslob-Buwa, a pork brain and liver cooked with chili, salt and other spices. How does this sound to you?

3. Etag


“Binurong baboy” in the local term, Etag is a salt-preserved pork meat stored in earthen jar or “banga” for weeks until it produced a foul-smell and rotted with maggots.

4. Adobong Sawa (Phyton Meat)


This dish is not for foodie who have ophidiophobia (fear of snake). Nevertheless, adobong sawa is an exotic food and is also an aphrodisiac.

5. Soup No. 5


This soup is made from a bull’s sex organs. Yup, testes and penis. This is perfect for those who are looking for a next exotic dish to try. Why is it called Soup No.5? Well, many considered the sex organs of bulls as its fifth leg.

6. Sundot Kulangot


Pick a booger… sounds appetizing, eh? Hey, there’s nothing gross about this candy, aside from its name. Sundot Kulangot is made from glutinous rice cooked with brown sugar and coconut milk. It’s called Sundot Kulangot because of the strange way of eating it. These are sweet candies in a small wooden orb. You need to use a stick or your own finger to get a taste of the candy.

7. Kamaru


If you are a Kapampangan or just grew up in Pampanga, this exotic food is not new to you. Kamaru is made from rice field crickets. Just imagine the juice coming out of a cricket’s abdomen… yummeh! But hey, it’s really a good exotic food, ask those adventurous foodies out there. You can try adobong kamaru.

8. Tamilok


This salty and slimy exotic food bores into wooden structures and mangroves that are plentiful in Coron, El Nido, and Linapacan.

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