10 Drool-Worthy Stalls at The Yard: The New Food Park Near Katipunan


Delectable doughnut ice cream cones? DIY Korean barbecue? Refreshing drinks? Smoking iced desserts? Make a stop at The Yard, the new food park in the Metro that every foodie should check out and try!

Typical food parks has many stalls dispersed across a lot. But The Yard is not your typical food park. You’ll be surprised to see container vans arranged on top of another, creating three floors for the food stalls and extra seating. Hm. Sounds interesting.

And to all the night owls out there, heads up! Another great thing about The Yard, aside from its eye-catching neon signs and vibrant stalls, it is open from 4pm to 2am. So if you feel like pigging out on yummy food in the middle of the night, you know where to head to!

Good food, cool music, awesome ambiance, what more could you ask for? Scroll down and check out some of the must-try food stalls at The Yard!

1. The Ice Box

Photo credit: instagram.com/itsmecharish

Start your night with a liquid nitrogen-themed desserts at The Ice Box. Tag your friends along and try the smoking iced banana split cake with strawberry and vanilla ice cream and banana macaroons for PHP250. Yeah it’s a bit expensive but it can make the whole squad satisfied!

2. Epicure

Photo credit: instagram.com/epicure.ph

After savoring toothsome desserts at The Ice Box, I’m sure you’re ready to get some booze. Epicure is the best spot for drinks. From beers, cocktails, to their Cherry Mojito and Gummy Bear Sunrise that comes in buckets and two to five straws – truly refreshing! For just PHP250 per liter or PHP420 for 5 liters, you can have a great night with the gang!

3. Fratello

Photo credit: instagram.com/cafe.fratello

Make your conversation with BFF even better with a cup of good coffee at Fratello. Or make it even more exciting with the Latte Under a Cloud – cold latte topped with cotton candy – at just PHP130!

4. Cajita

Photo credit: instagram.com/cajita

Looking for light snacks to munch on? Make a stop at Cajita! Dip your favorite churros into one of four delightful sauces: chocolate, tiramisu, strawberry, or white chocolate.

5. Dip n’ Dough

Photo credit: instagram.com/tone_mercado

A slow-roasted dough cone with cinnamon, almond, sugar, topped with smooth and delectable ice cream coming up!

6. Smoke and Barrel

Photo credit: instagram.com/smokeandbarrelph

Invading food stalls is not complete without having a bite of a yummy burger. Savor Smoke and Barrel’s The Beast (local wagyu beef, mac and cheese, caramelized onions, with sweet potato shoestring fries). MOUTHWATERING! You can have it at PHP230. It’s definitely worth it!

7. The Subwich Factory

Photo credit: instagram.com/the_subwich_factory

And you should also try the cousin of burger – subway sandwich. The Subwich Factory’s sandwiches are fresh with ingredients from Baguio. Grab a 6-inch subway sandwich with caramelized onions, mushroom gravy, and cheese for only PHP170. If you think you won’t be satisfied with just 6 inches, get 12 inches for PHP300!

8. Hong Kong Foodie Street Food

Photo credit: instagram.com/kreesdionne

How about a variety of street food? If you prefer quick snacks, then try Hongkong Foodie’s squid balls, lobster balls, or scallop cake! A stick costs PHP40. Absolutely worth it!

9. Little Wondang

Photo credit: instagram.com/littlewondang.ph

DIY Korean Barbecue! If you want to, you can cook your barbecue in a portable stove. Awesome! But if you aren’t up for cooking, you can just ask the servers to cook the barbecue for you.

10. Burn

Burn’s whole rack of appetizing ribs can feed up to five people for just PHP790 (ala carte). But if you happen to pig out alone, you can order 1/4 rack of ribs for PHP200. But it’s so much better to eat with your buddies… right?

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