10 Discreet Places in the Philippines That Will Take Your Breath Away

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With all the hustle and stress that the city life can bring, I know for sure that most of us want to escape the buzzy reality even for a short while. But the big question here is: WHERE? Where can you be able to experience peace when most of the stunning places in the Philippines are totally invaded by tourists?

Good thing is there are still some places in the country that are worth visiting for. Especially if you are seeking for a solitude and peaceful environment. There really are still lot of hidden gems that are waiting to be visited by someone who wants to soul search.

Here are 10 discreet places in the Philippines that will sure take your breath away!

1. Corcuera, Romblon


image credit: instagram / @jlynfabz

Aching to walk into a white sand beach yet don’t like the idea of going to Boracay for you know there are lots of tourists that you can bumped into? Nothing to worry about, honey. You can walk on by yourself and be enchanted with the white sand beach and bright blue water of Corcuera Island located in Romblon.

2. Punta Bulata, Negros Occidental

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Tired of seeing sunset behind those tall buildings in the city? Want an ideal place where you can have a perfect sunset view? Be captivated as the sun goes down in Punta Bulata, Negros Occidental!

3. Tinipak River, Rizal

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Want to be away from the buzzy streets of the city? How ‘bout relaxing your mind, body and soul with the sound of splashing water? Isn’t this therapeutic? Get up now, pack your things and head to Tinapak River: a hidden gem situated in Brgy. Daraitan, Tanay Rizal.

P.S.: This one has gained an award of being the cleanest inland body of water in Region IV. Whoa!

4. Balut Island, Sultan Kudarat

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This one maybe not that popular, but hey, it is a perfect spot for those who seek for a perfect summer getaway! And since Balut Island (in Sultan Kudarat) is less famous, therefore, you can enjoy this island seeing only few tourists. Cool!

5. Seco Island, Antique

image credit: instagram / @06kit

Enjoy clear blue water at Seco Island while finding for your own self. See nothing but just the endless blue sky and enchanting sea water. Don’t you love blue?

6. Quezon Beach, Sulu

image credit: lakadpilipinas.com

Ever heard of the beach which some claims as a better beach than Boracay? Well, it can be found in Patikul, Sulu – Quezon Beach! So, if you don’t want to mingle with other tourists in the renowned beach of Boracay. Go here and enjoy the tranquility of the place!

7. Fortune Island, Batangas

image credit: instagram / @cho.cho.choi

Do you want to be in Greece without leaving the country? How? If you’ll ask me if is this even possible, then the answer is a big YES! Go off to Batangas and you’ll find Fortune Island! Be amazed and feel like you’re not in the Philippines!

8. Burias Island, Masbate

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Want to be literally off the hustle and bustle of Manila? Then take an 11-hours travel away from the city and land off to the virgin beaches that you can found in Burias Island, Masbate. This will really make your long travel worthy!

9. Sipalay, Negros Occidental

image credit: instagram / @rhumoutofoffice

Throw your stress away and indulge yourself in a scenic remote seaside town of Sipalay, Negros Occidental. Be mesmerized with the scattered islets in this hidden paradise!

10. Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

image credit: facebook / Aris S Escobal

Looking for a private place where you can spend quality time with your loved ones? Want to be close to nature? Embrace nature at Nueva Valencia in Guimaras and be enticed with the mystic coves and enchanted lagoons!

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