Veer off the Road and Consider these Creative Wedding Proposal Ideas

image credit: Wat-A-Weddings

There is no number of years required for a couple to settle down, only the status of the relationship can tell. Once it gets serious, then it’s the perfect time to consider bringing it to the higher level (but it needs to be agreed by both parts and not just one-sided).

If you’ve reach the point where you want to spend the rest of your life with the woman that you’re with, then plan a memorable proposal that will make her say “Yes!”!

These creative wedding proposal might help!

1. Flash Mob

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2. Billboard Proposal

image credit: / Ben Brasch

3. Helicopter tour with a large “Will you marry me?” written below.

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4. Custom jigsaw puzzle with your picture and the “Will you marry me?” words.

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5. Rent a cinema and let your “sweet trailer” play on.

image credit: NextStop Magazine

6. Play a trivia game and throw the “Will you marry me?” question to your dear.

image credit: The Knot

7. Collect and compile your pictures together in a scrapbook and save the last page with the “Marry me?” words.

image credit: Virginia Nebel

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