Find Peace at the Majestic Corangon Island in Tiwi, Albay


Appreciate and fall in love with the beautiful horizon and the pristine deep blue waters of Corangon Island situated in Barangay Baybay in Tiwi, Albay!

image credit: Pictaram / @mochikoyan
image credit: FB / Rommel Añonuevo Natanauan
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This island is perfect for tourists who want to have moments under the sun, since it has no trees nor huge rocks to give shade. You can also claim the island as yours for only few tourists have gone here. Just imagine how peaceful it is to be in an islet, where you can totally embrace the majestic nature view with the people you love or even with your own self – heaven!

image credit: FB / Paula Mae Collao
image credit: Rommel Natanauan
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However, swimming is forbidden (sad) due to the huge waves, that may take you, especially for those who don’t know how to swim. But don’t turn that smile into a frown, darling. You can still have a blast moment here, you know. It’s not everyday that you can be in an uncrowded islet, where all you can hear is the sound of water splashing into the shore as well as the cool sea breeze brushing your face. And to make your trip more memorable, snap some cool photos, that are worthy to have space in your Instagram feed. Your followers will not have a second mind hitting the heart button.

image credit: Tiwi Shutterbug
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image credit: IG / agent_1925

For those who are itching to be in this small paradise, Corangon Island is only accessible via boat, which has a 10-15 travel time. But before you reach the lovely island, you must first spend up to an hour ride from Tabaco. From there, ask the locals on where you can take a jeepney going to Tiwi, which is about 30-40 minutes. The boat ride will come next! And that’s it!

You can now start packing your things, bes! 😍

image credit: benjielayug

P.S: It is suggested to first ask permission from the Municipality Agriculturist Office (MAO) for the purpose of your trip, since the island is home to different marine species and is a municipal marine sanctuary – Corangon Shoal Fish Sanctuary and Marine Reserve. 👌


Location: Barangay Baybay, Tiwi, Albay

Contacts: Municipal Agriculturist Office, (052) 435-0432



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