8 Coolest Gelato Spots in Manila



It’s almost December but we can still feel the heat of summer. That’s why we can’t help but crave for our all-time favorite dessert: gelato. An Italian dessert that contains less fat because it is made up of less cream and more milk.

Be sure to leave room for dessert, cause here are 8 cool ice cream parlors in Manila where you can indulge in freshly made and sinfully delicious gelato!

1. Chiara’s Pastry


First stop, Chiara’s Pastry. They have more than 20 flavors of gelato to choose from! You can try it on a cone or in a cup. If you chose cup, you are allowed to try up to five flavors. You shouldn’t also miss their gelato on donuts, in sundaes, and as frappe. Yum!

2. Gelatissimo


Satisfy your sweet tooth with their gelati with premium toppings, or with coffee.

3. Bar Dolci


No wonder people go cray over Bar Dolci’s ace gelato reserve. It is made using only fresh natural farm milk from Batangas. And guess what? Bar Dolci lets their customers mix two flavors in a cup!

4. Casa Italia


Once you’ve tried their gelato, you’ll surely come back for more! They offer 40 flavors that are made in-house using the finest ingredients from different places.

5. Cara Mia Gelateria


One of the famous names in desserts industry. There are 20 options that will give you a hard time to choose which one would you pick to satisfy your taste buds. Their must-try includes Chocolate Therapy, Toffee Almond Roca, Cookie Dough and Stracciatella.

Craving now? Find out the nearest Cara Mia store in your place now!

6. After Espresso & Desserts


Whether you into a delightful gelato or aromatic and kicking cup of coffee, After Espresso & Desserts is the right spot for you.

7. Morelli’s Gelato


Looking for a gelato spot? Head over Morelli’s Gelato and satisfy your sweet tooth… and the other teeth you have!

8. Passion by Gerard Dubois


A newly opened dessert shop by La Rose Noire which beckons the passion of Gerard Dubois, a Swiss pastry chef. Try out Passion’s insanely delicious gelato that comes in 18 flavors! Choose your pick now!

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