12 Best Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas for Your Officemates



100 days to go… 85… 70… 50… and now, in only less than a month, we’re gonna celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. And the office holiday party is right around the corner. But buying gifts for co-workers can be difficult. Even if they say that the thought will always count, still, we want to give them the best we could. So we made a list of gift ideas that will surely make your officemates smile. And what’s even more exciting? These are sooo affordable!

1. Coffee mugs


It may be cliche, but your coffee addict or tea lover officemate will absolutely love these. Be extra sweet by having it customized, say choose the one that has cat designs if he/she loves cats too.

2. Planner


You know, for them to realize that they need a little more planning in their life. *smirks* Kidding aside, planners are essential to keep everything straight and stay organized with busy work schedule. I’m sure your officemate will appreciate it.

3. Book


Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, romance, sci-fi, thriller, or even self-help book, nothing is better than the gift of knowledge during the Christmas season. You’re lucky if the name you picked is actually a bookworm.

4. Bag


A perfect gift for bag hoarders.

5. Wrist watch


For that co-worker who never seem to make it to work on time. Alarm clock is actually

6. Desk Plaque


With these dashing desk plaques that contain motivational quotes, your officemate will surely be inspired.

7. Passport Holders


For the wanderer.

8. Travel Shoes


You can’t go wrong with a good pair of travel shoes for your officemate who travels a lot.

9. Book end


Another perfect gift idea for book hoarders. Give them bookends to help them organize their books into a mini library.

10. Laptop case


You can’t go wrong with this one since all of you are using laptops in the office.

11. Chocolate Bars/Pastries


For the constant snacker in the office who loves delicious snacks.

12. Gift Card


A very convenient option if you really don’t know what to give. Shopaholics will absolutely love this.

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