Camp Avenue: The Best Place to Pitch a Tent in La Union


La Union is known as the Surfing Capital of the North. Many surfers, local and foreign, are fascinated by its waves and laid-back atmosphere. If you are a surfer or a beach lover, you’d surely have fun in this province. But hey, even if you’re not active in sports, you can still have a great time here. There’s a new resort along Taboc Beach in San Juan that is perfect for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers!

Camp Avenue was launched on September 22 this year with a two-day beach party event with the theme “Bohemian Dreams”.

The resort offers tent rental for P500 per head, which comes with an insulation foam, throw pillows, and use of the shower area. But if you have your own gear, then you can just pitch your tent for only P300 per head.

Camp Avenue also has Bali Hut which you can rent for P2,000 per night. It comes with a queen-sized foam, socket for charging, towels, complete bedding, and complimentary breakfast.

You can chill out at the swing bar, or at the dining area while pigging out on some luscious grub, have fun at the beach volleyball ground, and sign up for the pottery class at only P500 per head!

For more information about Camp Avenue, kindly visit their Facebook page or email them at [email protected]


Location: Taboc, San Juan, La Union

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