10  Breathtaking Hiking Spots in the Philippines




People do hike for different reasons; it might be health related or they really are just adventurous and want to indulge their eyes on a scenic views that can be seen on top. If you are after the former or the latter reason, or after both reason… then, great! We will give you 10 hiking spots in PH that will really take your breath away for its scenic views!

Pico de Loro

image credit: IG / neilerss

Want to hike, but just a beginner? Nothing to worry about, darling, Pico de Loro is a beginner’s favorite since it has a friendly trails and of course… great views! Don’t miss to have a photograph on its famous monolith, ‘kay?

Mt. Makiling

image credit: IG / idzmeneses

If there are famous mountains in the Philippines, surely one of those is the legendary Mt. Makiling (named after the mountain’s guardian, Makiling). Hike and be enchanted with its beauty!

Mt. Manabu

image credit: IG / neilers

Can’t wait to reach the summit for a magnificent view? Mt. Manabu can be reached within two hours (in normal pace)! Whoa! Chicken!

Mt. Tibig

image credit: IG / photogeographer

Wants another two-hour hike to reach the summit? There’s another one, located in Batangas as well – Mt. Tibig! Quick and let the view take your breath away!

Mt. Pulag

image credit: IG / beaconstantino

Hike and enjoy the magnificent view on top of Mt. Pulag, one of the highest mountains in the Philippines. Don’t miss to witness the romantic view of rolling sea of clouds, dear.

Mt. Daraitan

image credit: IG / hgdigga

Let the marvelous limestones at Mt. Daraitan drop your jaws down. Oops, you will as well enchanted by the overlooking view of the Sierra Madre range once you reach the peak of the mountain.

Mt. Hibok-Hibok (Camiguin)

image credit: IG / kodiak.stag

Let the activeness of Mt. Hibok-Hibok make your nerves active too! Reach the summit to experience an awe-inspiring view of the whole Camiguin island!

Mt. Guiting-Guiting

image credit: www.pinterest.com

One of the most sought-after mountains in the Philippines – Mt. Guiting-Guiting. Don’t miss to capture the rocky edges of this mountain, it will make a good shot.

Mt. Maculot

image credit: IG / stephkienlegonzales

An alternative hike for those who don’t want to trek Taal Volcano – Mt. Maculot. Carefully reach the peak and hold your breath while posing on top of its famous rocks!

Mt. Samat (Pilar, Bataan)

image credit: IG / explorer_doc

Do you love hiking and trekking, yet don’t feel like being exhausted in your trail journey? Mt. Samat will be best for you! The summit can be reached via car. Whoa! But if you want to be fit, you can go by foot though.

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