2 Bizarre Yet Jaw-dropping Pink Sand Beaches in the Philippines



White sand beach? The Philippines has plenty of it. Pink sand beaches? The Philippines got two! And yes, it’s true!

Who would have thought that aside from long-stretched sandbars, powdery white sand beaches and all, the Philippines also has these bizarre and fairy-tale like beaches that you might have once thought and kept in your creative imagination? Our country, indeed, has a lot of enchanting sceneries and spots that never fail to amaze us. No wonder there are lots of foreign people who think that Philippines is indeed a paradise!

Zamboanga and Northern Samar will justify and prove that the country truly has these enchanting and magically beautiful pink sand beaches!

Great Sta. Cruz Island

If at this point, you’re still doubting and having a second thought if there really are pink sand beaches in the country, the coraline pink sand beach of Zamboanga’s Great Sta. Cruz Island will surely make you believe and say “Oh, it’s true, man!”

You might have wondered why Great Sta. Cruz Island happened to be pink in color? To clear up the maybe-thoughts in your head, well it is because of the crushed pink corals brought by the waves that mixed with sand on the beach.

Can you imagine how great nature really is making such beautiful pink sand beach?

image credit: FB / Jojie Alcantara
image credit: FB / Places, Landscapes and Sceneries
image credit: FB / dondesiJep
image credit: IG / juanernesto1987

Sila Island

Does Great Sta. Cruz Island has blown your mind by its pink sand beach? Well, prepare for another mind blowing and jaw-dropping beauty of Philippines’ another pink sand beach! Introducing the amazing pink sand beach of Sila Island!

Aside from the fact that Sila Island is truly a dream beach that came true, it’s pristine and unspoiled beauty will surely drop your jaw even more! It may sound too exaggerated, but hey, this island and its majestically beautiful pink sand beach is truly amazing that makes you want to stay here forever!

image credit: FB / Philippine Images
image credit: IG / hilbeachholiday
image credit: IG / japetontheshore
image credit: IG / kurarisa22

Surely your camera and phone memory will be fully loaded with pictures! Who can resist not taking a single photo of these beaches, anyway?

Do these two pink sand beaches give you the urge to pack your bags and visit their location? Surely they did, right? Go tag the gang now and plan a visit in one of these pink sandy beaches (or visit the two if your money and schedule let you) this holiday season!

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