Best Things to Do at the Majestic Island of Romblon


Looking for a great travel destination? Before flying off the country to explore other countries’ beauty, always remember that ours has over seven thousand islands that are waiting for you to be explored. Let us then marvel Romblon, located in MIMAROPA Region (Region IV-B) and be charmed by its beautiful landscapes, uncrowded beaches, lush mountains and other spots that will surely take your breath away!

1. Take selfies at Fort San Andres

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During the 15th century, Fort San Andres used to be a place in alerting the town about the arrival of Moro privates. But, as time goes by, it is now one of the must-see spots in Romblon.

Anyways, are you fit enough to climb? Yep, you need to climb 200+ steps to reach this place.

2. Have a closer look of St. Joseph Cathedral!

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If you are about to visit this place, make sure to stop by and take a closer look at a structure made of coral blocks and bricks and adorned with rich architectural details – St. Joseph Cathedral.

3. Unveil the secret of Tinagong Dagat!

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Go find Tinagong Dagat or “Hidden Sea” which possesses a captivating beauty. A circular pool of water barely 10 meters from the sea is a home of several  species of saltwater fishes and seashells.

4. Indulge in the charming Cantingas River!

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Take a plunge at the crystal clear water, odorless, tasteless and ever-flowing Cantingas River!

5. Adventurous Hike on Mt. Guiting-Guiting

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Are you up for an adventurous hike? Leggo and reach the summit of Mt. Guiting-Guiting! Standing 2,075 meters above sea level, hiking this mountain is considered as a challenge. Better yet, hired an experience guide for your safety.

6. Watch Sunset at Tiamban Beach

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Sunset is probably one of the most romantic scenes that someone could experience in life. Make your date fall in love with you more and do watch the lovely sunset at Tioman Beach!

7. Walk freely across Bonbon sandbar

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Stressed out? Take a walk across Bonbon sandbar and you’ll surely forget all your troubles away.

8. Visit Marble Factories

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Interested about marble making? Do visit Marble Factories and see for yourself on how these are being made. Just so you know, due to its hardness, only cutter with a diamond tip can cut marble. Whoa!

9. Go and buy some pasalubong!

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Need to go home soon? Oh, make your Roblom vacation memorable by buying some sculptures and handicrafts that will remind you of the place.

How to get to Romblon?

If you are coming from Manila, you need to take a bus that bound for Batangas pier.  Once you get to Batangas Port, there are several shipping lines that will take you to Romblon (Odiongan, Romblon, San Agustin and Sibuyan). Economic fare varies to the kind of ferry line that you’ll going to hop in.

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