Top 5 Best Spots for Cliff Diving in the Philippines


Top 5 Best Spots for Cliff Diving in the Philippines COVER

Aside from falling in love for someone who’s not willing to catch you, what other “buhis buhay”  stunt have you done? None? So why not try jumping off the cliff and feel the sudden adrenaline rush of your body? It’s scary but at least you know that there is this thing we called “water” who’s willing to catch you. Sometimes we just need to be fearless to enjoy the best things that life can offer.

1. Aliw Falls

image credit: IG / itsmhimi

Entertain yourself literally at Aliw Falls! It’s gorgeous right? But marveling isn’t enough! To make your travel more fun try climbing the falls and get ready for a jump off! Sounds scarry? Fret not! You will surely lose your fear when you see the breathtaking view on top!

2. Balagbag Falls

image credit: IG / mikekhel19

Forget your “bagabag” at Balagbag falls! All you need is a bucket full of courage if you will jump off the cliff! The waterfall “ONLY” stands at 50-foot tall, piece of cake right? Don’t worry, it is better to fall at Balagbag falls than to a “pa-fall”.

3. Tangke Saltwater Lagoon

image credit: FB / Oniel Magnaye

After having a scrumptious bowl of Iloilo’s famous la paz batchoy, try to cool down at Tangke Saltwater Lagoon in Isla de Gigantes. Be refreshed by jumping off from its magnificent rock formations and plunge to its natural saltwater pool!

4. Tangadan Falls

image credit: IG / rnellic

This is for the boys who got balls! Jumping a cliff with twenty-foot tall is not enough, you also need to get ready to dive at a thirty feet deep water!

5. Sundowners Vacation Villas

image credit: IG / sollermiracle

If your pabebe friends are still making excuses about their thoughts on splashing in the open water , problem solve! Sundowners Vacation Villa has a twelve foot tall built-in diving board waiting for you to give it a shot!

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