Beautiful and Unspoiled Beaches in Quezon Province That Can Be Your Escape From the Hustle & Bustle of the City


Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, minimal crowds… Where can we find stunning beaches without traveling that far?

Just a two to three-hour drive from Manila lies the peaceful province of Quezon that aside from old churches and heritage sites, is also a home to pieces of paradise. Rest your eyes from your computer screen and turn your phone off as we explore these untouched and oh-so-beautiful beaches in Quezon Province. Yup, you read it right. Untouched. No big establishments, no loud parties, less crowd, just a panoramic view!

So, are you ready to be mesmerized by its natural beauty?

1. Alabat Island

image credit: FB / Alabat Island

Maybe it’s time to splash colors to your “drawing ng barkada”. Start it with somewhere near. Like Alabat Island. This serene place is undeniably beautiful with very warm and friendly people. It is not yet commercialized, so you can take in its natural beauty.

Located in Lamon Bay near Atimonan, Quezon.

2. Kanaway Island

image credit: FB / Isaiah John Mercado

Catch the breathtakingly beautiful view of the sky as the sun rises at Kanaway Island. A simple picnic and awesome conversation with your friends are more than enough to take your troubles away.

Located at Sitio Petisan of Barangay Apad, the easternmost side of Jomalig Island.

3. Puting Buhangin

image credit: FB / Onee Chann Cho

As the name suggests, you can look forward to soaking your feet in the powdery white sand. This scenic place is ideal for thrill-seekers as it houses an amazing submerged cave which you can explore for an epic adventure.

Located in Barangay Ibabang Polo at the southwestern part of Pagbilao Grande Island in Pagbilao, Quezon.

4. Salibungot Beach

image credit: IG / p_a_m_26

Experience a relaxing getaway at this tranquil place which is famous for its golden sand that turns pink at sunset. The Agoho Pine Trees that borders the coastline also make Salibungot Beach unique.

Located in Jomalig Island, Quezon

5. Borawan Beach

image credit: FB / Shoestring Travelers

With its white sand that can be compared to Boracay’s and its natural beauty that resembles Palawan, voila! It got its name. Borawan. 🙂 It is one of the unspoiled beaches in the country that every wanderluster should visit.

Located in Barangay Lipata, Padre Burgos, Quezon

6. Dampalitan Beach

image credit: IG / drithexporer

Fall in love with the utterly beautiful changing color of the skies as the sun sets at Dampalitan Beach. You can spend the night here and camp with your barkada.

Located in Padre Burgos Quezon

7. Cagbalete Island

image credit: FB / Thanjo Jonathan

Walk around this peaceful island and admire the lovely sand patterns that you can see here during low tide, mangroves and the rocky pools.

Located in Mauban, Quezon.

8. Minasawa Island

image credit: IG / jefftours

Set up your tent and get closer to nature at this off beaten island that boasts a refreshing beach forest and a pretty coastline. It is also a perfect destination for those who are into bird watching, for it houses different bird species.

Located in Burdeos, Quezon.

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