Get a Glimpse of the Breathtakingly Beautiful Sunsets in the Philippines


When was the last time you let your eyes admire the romantic, inspiring, and utterly beautiful changing color of the skies when the sun sets? Take a deep breath and look at these mesmerizing photos of sunsets in the Philippines that can relax and inspire you.

1. Watch as the sun kisses the sea in Manila Bay.

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2. Admire the beautiful sunset in El Nido, Palawan and let it help you forget your worries about life.

Photo by:: Travel Pilipinas


3. Slow down time by gazing out into the vast, color-soaked sky in Isla Gigantes.

Photo by: Sen Oñas Pudadera


4. Put your phones in your pocket and fill your eyes with the spectacular sunset in Bantayan Island.

Photo by: TrekEarth


5. The captivating sunset of San Juan, La Union will make you stop whatever you’re doing and appreciate the moment.

Photo by: Mukha ng Pilipinas


6. Isn’t the spectacular sunset in Coron inspiring?

Photo by: White Belt Abroad


7. Say goodnight to the fascinating sunset of Guimaras.

Photo by: carylcp


8. You will never regret seeing the breathtaking sunset of Saud, Ilocos Norte.

Photo by: Backpacking Pilipinas


9. The sunset of Mount Kanlaon will make you more grateful for the earth.

Photo by: John Buno


10. And, the ever beautiful sunset of Bacolod City. This can be your little piece of heaven.

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