Expand Your Horizons & Set Your Sight to the Beautiful Places in Cavite


Being the “Historical Capital of the Philippines” and the cradle of the Philippine Revolution and the renouncement of Spanish colonial control, Cavite will let you experience and see the history itself without reading them from Philippine History books. This beautiful province in the southern shores of Manila Bay in the Calabarzon region in Luzon boasts plenty of natural wonders that will make you feel glad you visited. 😉

1. Pico de Loro

image credit: IG / arjhoncruz

Want to hike but just a beginner? Nothing to worry about, bud, Pico de Loro is a beginner’s favorite for it has friendly trails and of course… picturesque views! And don’t miss to have a photograph on its famous monolith. You know, to supply your Instagram feed with double-tap worthy pics. 😉

Location: Ternate, Cavite

2. Balite Falls

image credit: IG / cheskabaterna

Balite Falls is an ideal destination for family or barkada. It has small lagoons where you can relax, and the waters gushing out from the bamboo poles will give you a soothing back and shoulder massage.

Location: Amadeo, Cavite

3. Tagaytay Ridge

image credit: IG / beronmark

Take in the beauty of Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world, from 2,250 ft. above sea level at Tagaytay Ridge. If you are visiting with bae, you might want to feel the cool breeze and witness a spectacular view from the balcony of Summit Ridge which is situated atop Tagaytay Ridge.

4. Cabag Cave

image credit: IG / joeyejercito

Lush greenery surrounds this cave that can be found at the bottom of the slope that runs down a steep angle to a brook. Clear water flows out of the cave, and an underground river can be found inside the cave.

Location: 8/99Silang, Cavite

5. Limbones Cove

image credit: rod clicker

Be mesmerized by the corals and marine life   you’ll see at Limbones Island when you go underwater. If you’re into water adventure like snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and scuba diving, this place is an ideal destination.

6. Puerto Azul

image credit: Tom C

A 3,300-hectare resort located in Ternate, Cavite which was once tagged as Asia’s Paradise Resort and World’s Golfing Capital takes pride for having a huge clubhouse with giant swimming pool. This luxury resort is sure a perfect getaway destination for backpackers who want to enjoy a scenic sea view and lots of fun activities in an uncrowded spot.

Location: Ternate, Cavite

7. Malibiclibic Falls

image credit: IG / Malibiclibic Falls

Who would believe that there’s waterfalls existing in a flat land of Cavite? Well, come and prepare yourself for a 1.2 kilometer walk in a 4×4 trail from the Maragondon-Aguinaldo national road where you will end up admiring this hidden falls named Malibiclibic Falls!

Location: Bailen, Cavite

8. Patungan (Sta. Mercedes) Cove

image credit: FB / Louie Mendigo

Explore the largest cove which is accessible by the Kaybiang Tunnel. You’ll see a small boulder beach at the entrance of this magnificent cove, and a fill your eyes with the beautiful view of its powdery beige sand.

9. Maragondon River

image credit: FB / Louie Mendigo

One of the cleanest rivers and the fourth longest river in Cavite, Maragondon River stretches from the upland barangays of the town to Ternate, Cavite, where it meets and opens up to Manila Bay. This river is recommended for picnics with friends or family. There are floating nipa huts available for rent. You can also take in the beauty of the  rock formations you’ll see from the cottages. 😉

10. Carabao Island (Maragondon)

image credit: FB / Heo Jon Jae

A spectacular island rich in history, Carabao Island of Maragondon will definitely amaze the hell out of you. It boasts azure waters surrounding the cliffs at the bottom, and a sloping plateau on top.


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