8 Utterly Beautiful Places in Batanes



You’ve probably visited Batanes several times or have heard of its charm. Batanes, located in the Cagayan Valley region, is an archipelago province in the Philippines. If you haven’t been to this exquisite place before, it’s time to uncover its beauty! Here are 10 stunning places you must visit when you’re in Batanes.

1. Chawa Viewdeck

image credit: jonas.ph

Admire the view and witness the captivating sunset at this view deck where the cliff meets the sea.

2. Mahayaw Arch

image credit: touristportalph.blogspot.com

A naturally made stone arch where you can stop by to hide from the beaming sun.

3. Valugan Boulder Beach

image credit: en.wikipedia.org

What made this beach unique? It has no sand. Yup. You read it right. Instead, it is surrounded by boulders of igneous rocks that believed to be emitted by Mt. Iraya.

4. Chanarian Beach

image credit: banebanerbanest.wordpress.com

They say it is a crime not to watch at least one sunset or sunrise in Batanes. Chanarian Beach is a good spot for sunset viewing with interesting stone stacks near the beach.

5. Sabtang Lighthouse

image credit: panoramio.com

There are actually three picturesque lighthouses in Batanes: Basco, Tayid, and Sabtang. Sabtang lighthouse stands on a hill overlooking the sea and is the first man-made structure to welcome you on Sabtang island.

6. Vayang Rolling Hills

image credit: Krisoi Photography

Vayang Rolling Hills is a popular rolling hills that give you a clear view the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

7. Liveng

image credit: travelobservers.com

Be mesmerized with the Batanes hedgerows that looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle!!!

8. Marlboro Country/Racuh A Payaman

image credit: Krisoi Photography

Prepare your cameras and take a selfie at the breathtaking view of hills, hedgerows, mountains and the sea!

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