Awesome Things to Do in La Union Apart From Surfing



Not into surfing and scared of huge waves? Fret not. There are other fun things to do in La Union – one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines – aside from surfing!

1. Cliff Diving


Dare to jump off a cliff near Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union that has 3 jump-off points with different heights. You can try the Elementary which is four feet high, the High School is less than 10 feet, while the College is about 20 feet. The trek to Tangadan Falls takes an hour and a half and halfway through it, you’ll see the cliff diving spot.

2. Take a sit and admire the beautiful scenery at the beach


Watch the people surfing, playing Frisbee, and lying on the sand. Be sure to wait for the sunset and be captivated with its beauty. Refreshing.

3. Rafting


If you’re a thrill seeker but don’t want to try surfing, you can enjoy rafting at Tangadan Falls, a popular destination in La Union.

4. Make new friends


Prepare a bunch of heys and hellos as you mingle and meet people. Enjoy your night in the huts outside Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel in San Juan where you can drink, make friends, and have fun.

5. Yoga


Ever heard of stand-up paddleboarding yoga? Strange isn’t it? But it sounds exciting too. Aquanimous, a yoga center in La Union offers stand-up paddleboarding yoga classes that will help you relax and ditch all the negativities.

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