How to Have the Most Awesome Barkada Road Trip Ever



Snacks? Check. Awesome music? Check. Funny stories? Check. Is everything we need all packed up? Hmm…

A long car ride with your best buddies is one of the best experiences you could have. There’s nothing quite like sharing the funniest or sappiest stories with your best friends, and singing along to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors while you are thousands of miles away from it all. But planning the perfect road trip can be challenging for there are so many options and decisions to make along the way. Where to go? Where to stay? Psh. We’re here to help. Hit the road fully prepared with these few tips.

Where’s your pen and paper? You need to jot this down!

1. Plan your route and stops.


Set the dates of the trip, pick a time to leave, map out your destinations and stops along the way. But make sure your plan is adjustable just incase something unexpected happened. You know, pit stop, car issues… Unexpected experiences can spice up your road trip, anyway.

P.S.: Stick with the date of departure, baka drawing na naman yan, bes.

2. Have a solid budget.


Make sure food and lodging and other stuffs you plan on doing along the way are included in your budget. Booking a flight can cost you more money than driving somewhere. But road trips can be costly too. You’ll see new things and it is tempting to buy everything. So write out a budget and have a daily spending goal.

3. Adjust the weight of your cargo.


There’s nothing wrong with a perfectly packed car. But there’s a possibility it will soon turn into a collection of trash, which I know you wouldn’t like. So just bring the necessary things. DON’T FORGET THE CAMERA AND SNACKS!

4. Pack light.


Just pack the things you think you’ll be needing along the way. You will not only have extra space for souvenirs, you will also save on gas. Here’s a list of all the essentials you should keep in your car:

-comfy clothes

-paper towels, toilet paper, a box of tissues, garbage bags


-first aid kit

-flashlight (for emergency purposes)

-a bunch of snacks (crumb-free, non-greasy finger foods like fruits, sandwiches, baked goods, or your all time fave snack: chips).


-car chargers (you know this is a must)


-music!!! Make a cool playlist for the trip! 

5. Get your vehicle checked out.


You surely don’t want to face some car trouble along the way so get your car checked out and make sure everything is fine before leaving. Keep a spare tire, jack, and the like.

So there. You’re all packed up and ready. Tag your best friends you want to go on a road trip with!


P.S.: Drive slow. Follow the speed limit or even slower. Because duh, you’re on a road trip! You need to appreciate and admire the scenery, the shifting landscapes, the feeling of getting away from it all. Besides, driving slow is safe.


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