Aqua Beach Club: A Perfect Spot for Your Short Getaway in the City!

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Whether you want to chill and party all night, forget your troublesome work and be entertained or replenish your mind, body and soul, the newest party place in Angeles City is the right one for you: Aqua Beach Club!

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Aqua Beach Club is like finding an oasis in a far-from-the-beach place of Angeles City, Pampanga. If you think this is just like the ordinary clubs that you can find in the city, think again, for it is a party place, entertainment destination and a wellness center at the same time, no wonder it is considered as one of the most extraordinary clubs in Asia!

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In addition, this heaven-like place is the only club in Asia that offers a two-storey cabanas as it also provides the most avant-garde and exceptional club concepts that will absolutely cater the needs and wants of every party animal!

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Lure yourself and find peace of mind at the club spa with a fantasy-like setting.

Make your relaxation at its height by enjoying a groovy music with while having a glass of cosy drink in your hand. Don’t deprive yourself with this kind of pampering, because sometimes, this is all you need to unwind.


As for ladies and gents who want can’t getaway their healthy lifestyle even for just a minute, worry not, Aqua Beach Club also has an athlete-designed gym, where you can work out to to your heart’s content (and ‘til your body aches 😂).

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I don’t know if this club is being too harsh to men, but it is somehow interesting. Why? If you’re a male, entrance fee is Php 500 (fully-consumable) and additional Php 250 for towel, robe and locker plus the use of gym and pool (optional). But, if you’re a female, well, cheers to all ladies out there, you can enter the club without paying for entrance fee for it is FREE! Anyway, you just have to pay Php 250 for towel, robe and locker plus the use of gym and pool, which is just optional. Plus the other accommodation you want to avail and enjoy.

So, what now? Step in and have a wonderful experience!


Aqua Beach Club

Location: ABC Hotel, Don Juico Avenue, Malabanias, Angeles City, 2009 Philippines

Contact: +63-917- 622-2226

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