6 Appetizing Delicacies in Cebu Perfect As Pasalubong



One of the things that can’t be separated in a travel journey is “pasalubong”: it may be a memento of the place or food which you can also buy in a particular place.

Cebu, as one of top travel destinations in the country, there are a wide array of pasalubong ideas that you can opt to for your family and friends. Here are some…

1. Dried Mango

image credit: Mindful Eats

If you tell someone that you will be heading to Cebu City, probably that someone will request for dried mango as a pasalubong. Being the major distributor of mangoes in the Philippines, Cebu City is famous for its dried mango. Did you know that most of the dried mangoes produced in Cebu are being exported to other countries?

2. Danggit

image credit: foodlandia

As a Filipino, I’m sure you are very familiar with Danggit as we are fond of eating dried fish dipped in vinegar; a perfect match for fried rice! Well, if you happen to visit in Cebu, let us share to you the best place to buy danggit: Tabo-an Market.

3. Rosquillos

image credit: instagram / blueyk_chipz

A local cookies made from flour, eggs, shortening, sugar and baking powder. Rosquillos are flat donut-shaped butter cookies with a flower-like edges, this delicacy is one of the perfect pasalubong ideas will absolutely make your relatives’ taste buds happy!

4. Otap

image credit: Radioactive Potato Seeds

Another popular delicacy that you can take home when visiting Cebu is the flaky, crisp, sugar coated biscuit – Otap.  Rest assured that you will have a fun time eating this biscuit though it is kinda messy to eat.

5. Masarael

image credit: Gian Karlo

Can’t think of a perfect pasalubong for your family and friends? Chill, we’ve this pasalubong idea that would surely enjoyed by kids and adults who are fond of eating something sweet – Masereel, a delicacy made of peanut and sugar syrup.

6. Peanut Browas

image credit: About Peanut Browas

A popular Cebuano delicacy, Peanut Browas, which is also Cebu’s version of Lady Fingers. This sweet delicacy originally comes from the southern heritage town of Argao. Peanut Browas is a great pasalubong for it is like you let them taste the sweetness of Cebu.

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