Anya Resort and Residences: Your Sweet Refuge in the Tagaytay!


Despite the fact  that the Metro offers a lot of malls to shop at, museums to explore and parks to walk around, still there are times where we simply want to be in a place where we can escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Good thing, there’s an inviting retreat waiting for you just an hour and a half trip from Manila—Tagaytay!

Since Tagaytay has an awesome whether, this place really makes a great short getaway spots, especially to those who want to cool down after facing a stressful loads of work. But what makes it more indulging is Anya Resort and Residences, a tranquil haven where you can relax and find your peace of mind!

Anya Resort and Residences boasts a refreshingly green environment, where over 11 two-storey buildings are located. The resort as well has a high level of security, so if you’re concerned about safety, you’re in the right track!

We know it feels good to lay in a comfy bed, but before your vacation ends, be sure that you’ve had a fun time reading your fav’rite books at the Borderless Library—a unique library where you can where bookworms read and lounge around one of their pools.  

In addition, those who want to achieve a higher level of relaxation can also do a little pampering at their Niyama Spa!

So, next time you need to getaway from the crowded and noisy city, don’t hesitate to check this out!


Anya Resort and Residences

Location: Buenavista Hills Road, Barangay Mag-asawang Ilat, Tagaytay

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