10 Amazing Places in Surigao del Sur That Will Make You Want to Pack up and Visit the Province ASAP


You probably have heard of Surigao del Sur’s enchanting blue river, spectacular falls, and other mysterious but beautiful spots. But have you seen these places that made the province famous? Here are ten of the magical tourist spots in Surigao del Sur that you need to include in your bucket list!

1. Tinuy-an Falls

Image Credit: instagram.com/kinetic_atom

How can you not be captivated with the most beautiful multi-tier waterfall in the Philippines? Tinuy-an Falls has three levels. You can get closer to the cascading waters through a bamboo raft.

2. Lanuza Surfing Grounds

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If surfing is your thing, then you definitely should visit Lanuza, one of the well-known surfing spots in Surigao del Sur. Many foreign and local surfers love the waves of Lanuza. Visit Lanuza during November to March to experience the big waves in constant motion.

3. Britania Group of Islands

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With 24 stunning islands with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, Britania Group of Islands is perfect for island hopping!

4. Cantilan Islands

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Get ready to see four captivating islands in Cantilan: the unspoiled Ayoke Island that is good surfing spot, the enticing Isla Encantada, Huyamao Island with powdery white sand beach, and Bills’ Sanctuary or Inijakan, a beautiful private island.

5. Enchanted River

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I’m sure you’ve heard of this famous mysterious river in the Philippines. Locals believed that fairies and mermaids live in the river which has crystal clear waters.

6. Cagban Island

Image Credit: zamboanga.com

What makes this island one of the tourist spots in Surigao del Sur aside from its beauty? Its long stretch of white sand beach!

7. Laswitan Falls and Lagoon

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Breathtaking, isn’t it? But this isn’t your ordinary falls! Its waters don’t come from the forest or mountains – they are from the ocean! How? By the splash of waves from the Pacific Ocean that are blocked by the 20-feet black limestone barrier.

8. Cagwait Beach

Image Credit: instagram.com/klhoytolentino

Relax and unwind at this “little Boracay” of CARAGA that has a long stretch of C-shaped sand beach.

9. Magkawas Falls

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Magkawas Falls is about 40 feet high with refreshing waters. Get ready to plunge into its pool which is 7 feet deep!

10. Lanuza Marine Park Sanctuary

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Situated at Sitio Cagmino, Sibahay, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary is a 111-hectare Marine Protected Area where you can find different aquatic species like the famous pawikan!

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