10 Amazing Places to Visit When You Are in Antique

image credit: @pauljeffreypacheco

Kruhay! Enter and experience the magnificent beauty of Antique! Let us tour you around the amazing places in this province that are indeed worth-visiting to!

1. Rice Terraces in Patnongon

image credit: Elal Lasola Travel & Photography

Who says that we only have one rice paddies in the country? To break the curiosity forming in your head, Antique also got one! Seriously.

2. Calawag Mountain Resort

image credit: Calawag Mountain Resort

Experience a perfect mix of nature and adventure at this family-owned mountain resort in Tibiao. Dine in Tibiao River, savor authentic Karay-a delicacies, and stay in their one-of-a-kind tree houses.

3. Tibiao Hot Kawa

image credit: @janellyysh / Instagram

Fight the cold and chilly weather of the coastal town and pamper yourself instead inside the famous, one-of-a-kind Tibiao Hot Kawa in Tibiao, Antique!

4. Seco Island

image credit: @06kit / Instagram

Having an elbow-shape island, hence its name, Seco Island is a popular spot in Antique for its clear blue water. Your Antique trip won’t be complete if you fail to include this in your itinerary.

5. Malalison Island

Pimage credit: @arjeeshomestay / Instagram

Seems like Antique has unique shaped islands. Malalison on the other hand is a hook-shaped island that also gained popularity among local and foreign tourists as well as beach lovers.

6. Igbaclag Cave

image credit: @jhayeandreyuh / Instagram

Get ready to set all the guts you have and reach the peak of Igbaclag Cave! Make sure you are well-prepared for a panoramic view that you’ll going to witness!

7. Bugang River

image credit: Antiqueños Come Home / Facebook

With its claim as the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines, surely there will be no reason for you to not be overwhelmed by its pristine water. So, get up and experience cool water activities in the beautiful Bugang River!

8. Malumpati Cold Spring

image credit: Antiqueños Come Home / Facebook

Revitalize with the refreshing cold spring water of Malumpati. Surely all your troubles and stress will be washed away!

9. Igpasungaw Falls

image credit: Ray Rafael Ramos / Facebook

Sebaste town hides the beautiful Igpasungaw Falls that promises to make your trip more memorable and fantastic!

10. Tibiao Fish Spa

image credit: @itsberylbaby / Instagram

Are you tired after an awesome Antique adventure? It’s time to treat yourself with something relaxing! Go ahead and exfoliate with the help of industrious fishes… Yep, you read it right buddies – fishes! Visit Tibiao Fish Spa for a cool and tickling spa session!

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