Would You Dare to Dive Into the Death Pool of Pangasinan?


Would You Dare to Dive Into the Death Pool of Pangasinan

Diving into deep ocean sounds exciting… but somewhat fearful. Kasi baka walang sumalo, masaktan ka lang. Ok, bye last na yon. 😛 😛

Now let’s be serious. Not totally serious, just a little bit serious. Okay, so, as I was saying, diving into deep ocean can be scary, especially if you are a faint-hearted person. What more if it is a “death” pool? Would you dare? Before you answer, let me show you first the Death Pool of Pangasinan.

image credit: FB / Pat Pat Vince-cruz Pasamic
image credit: FB / Ann Perez

Located in Burgos, Pangasinan, Cabongaoan is a white sand beach that will surely amaze the hell out of you. No exaggerations here. It offers white sand and clear waters, as well as wonderful rock formations. Well, you can say that there is a plethora of beaches in the Philippines with white sand, clear waters and interesting rock formations. BUT, do they have a death pool? That. That’s what exactly made this beach interesting.

image credit: IG / kerwinnestie
image credit: IG / aizabrmdz
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Cabongaoan has a death pool which is named by the locals as a description to the natural swimming pool that forms near the beach whenever the tide comes in and fills it with water. The death pool looks scary but it’s safe to jump and swim.

It’s not yet popular as Bolinao, but plenty of wanderlusters are now heading to this soon-to-rise attraction in Burgos, Pangasinan.

So, would you dare to jump? 😉

How to get there:

Take a Victory Liner bus at Cubao going to Alaminos/Bolinao, then get off at Alaminos Terminal and take another bus going to Burgos. Ride a tricycle which will take you to Cabongaoan Beach.


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