8 Incomparable Must-See Places in Occidental Mindoro



Describing summer is like a hot stranger you pass by at the mall. They are so hot that you can’t take away your eyes on it and suddenly you lost track of time and it’s over! Sad no?

Do not let summer slip out of your palm unnoticed! You’re not Alice in Wonderland who has a lot of time to travel in wonderland. But, you can wander around Philippines’ very own wonderland, the ever-alluring Occidental Mindoro!

Occidental Mindoro? So another Puerto Galera trip? Oops! Take a pause from that cliche idea. Occidental Mindoro has a lot more to offer aside from Puerto Galera! As a matter of fact,  it is dubbed as “Marine Wonderland of the Philippines”!

1. Apo Reef National Park

Apo Reef National Park - @nicosorianoph

Noted for being the world’s second largest atoll-type reef and the longest in Asia, Apo Reef is definitely a bucket list worthy for divers! It is known to be the diving mecca of the Philippines, well it is not really surprising because it is a 34-kilometer reef!

2. Cabra Island

Cabra Island - Elmer B. Domingo

Probably the most controversial part of Occidental Mindoro, Cabra Island was once the most talked about news in the late 80’s due to the alleged apparition of Our Lady of Concepcion. It offers not white but rather golden powdery sand, RK bes! Due to its rich marine life, it has gradually became the favorite fishing ground among local and foreign tourists.

3. Pandan Island Resort

Pandan Island Resort - @theplanethero

This lovely 30-hectare islet is a privately owned resort which will give us a one of a kind relaxation! It is surrounded by turquoise water housing different marine schools such as giant pawikans! Overnight stay is another experience to be told, as the cottages were inspired by the native house of Mangyans!

4. Manadi White Island

Manadi White Island- @imthorgiee

If after all the white beaches we’ve listed down before are still not enough to defeat your craving for the white sand beach of Boracay, bes we will now level up the game by bringing you to a mile-long white sand! Yes bes, todo na! If the mile-long powdery white sand is still not enough, I don’t know what will! But be careful while walking around because a part of the island is a nesting place for sea turtles.

5. Ilin Island

Ilin Island - @thedeafmutespeaks

A never-ending spectacular scene is what this island can give to you! It is one of the biggest island in Mindoro with pristine powdery white sand and crystal clear water. The crazy thing about this island, is when you thought you already saw everything about it, it will eventually surprise you with something beyond imaginable to say the least!

6. Tamayanan Beach

Tamayanan Beach - @ms.roseanne

Tama na yang kakaiyak bes, hindi ka nun mahal. Instead, let yourself find peace and forgiveness at Tamayanan Beach! It’s a one hectare peaceful beach with powdery white sand and long line of coconut trees. It is ideal for swimming and for people looking for a peace of mind away from the concrete jungle.

7. Ambulong Island

Ambulong Island - elaljanelasola

Dubbed to be the Grace Island, Ambulong Island is also known as the “island of healing”, well who knows? This place might be the cure for your broken heart? Though it is best known for its medical tourism, its possess beauty is undeniable! It has gardens of corals, blessed with abundance of marine life, unspoiled white sand, cliffs along pilar protruding out from caves and underwater!

8. Mamburao Beach Resorts

Mamburao Beach Resorts - @instajepong

Last, but definitely, never-ever become the least, Mamburao Beach Resorts is credited for its world-class beach resorts! For those people who are in between “I want to travel but I’m lazy to do so” this place is the first one you should consider! Why? It offers almost, if not all, water sports activities  such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, wind-surfing, glass-bottomed boat, hobie cat sailing and many more, not mentioning its spellbinding beauty that attracted local and foreign guests!

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