8 Dazzling Sandbars in the Philippines


Philippines is an archipelago and has over 7,000 islands surrounded by bright blue waters. One of the countless things that Philippines can brag about is having an enchanting sandbars. It will not just make a great getaway but also an Instagram-worthy paradise! Get mesmerized while we’re taking you to some of the stunning sandbars in PH.

1. Manlawi Island in Camarines Sur

Credit: @claire raborar

Looking for an island paradise in PH? You’ll not have a hard time seeking for one. PH has a lot to offer an one of them is the gorgeous Manlawi Island!

2. Snake Island in El Nido, Palawan

Credit: instagram / @dimo.travel

I bet you’ve seen snakes, right? How about, snake-like sandbar? If you are having a doubt about what I’ve just said, there is this sandbar in El Nido Palawan which looks like a snake! Fret not, honey, this one doesn’t bite.

3. Higatangan Island in Biliran

Credit: instagram / @zarahstraea

Relax your mind and body at Higatangan Island at Naval, Biliran. Be stunned with its white sand showered with lots of exotic shells! Truly amazing.

4. Sumilon Island Sandbar in Cebu

Credit: instagram / @ohjennny

Shake your stress away by the beautiful sandbar of Sumilon Island. Just make sure that it is low tide to have a scenic view of the sandbar.

5. Manjuyod Sandbar in Negros Occidental

Credit: instagram / @the_philippines

 Need another proof for the nature’s magical artistry? Then set a foot and an eye at Manjuyod Sandbar and prepare your breathe to be taken away!

6. Kalanggaman Island in Leyte

Credit: instagram / @sean_travels_philippines

Heads up beach lovers, get hooked with the long white sandbar of Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. This will truly be a literal paradise!

7. White Island in Camiguin

Credit: instagram / @go.philippines

Unleash the hidden gem of Camiguin’s White Island! It will not just take your breath away with the inhabited white sandbar but also with the picturesque of Mt. Hibok-hibok and old Vulcan.

8. Bulubadiangan Island in Iloilo

Credit: instagram /@madame_chel

Hey, want to clear out your mind and forget all your troubles in life? Chill out. We have answer for that – Bolobadiangan Island! Prepare yourself to be swept away by its beauty and tranquility.

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