7 Stunning Places to Marvel Around Santa Ana Cagayan

image credit: instagram / @wanderboypalaboy

Santa Ana in Cagayan is brimming with phenomenal places a young aspiring traveler would love to discover! It’s undeniable compelling places already caught the eye of CNN and the world! To know more about this humble island, here’s a list of places that will take your breath away in Santa Ana!

1. Palaui Island

image credit: instagram / @ramiza_ruz

White shorelines after sapphire and emerald crystal clear water, not to mention it’s quiet beauty, why wouldn’t it be listed as one of the best beaches in the world?

2. Cape Engano Lighthouse

image credit: instagram / @kamil.i.am

This lighthouse is an ideal location to watch the spotless sunset in Cagayan. However, it will give you also an eerie feels as it was built during the Spanish era!

3. Anguib Beach

image credit: instagram / @navela_christopherjoaquin

Anguib Beach is probably the best kept secret of Cagayan. It offers creamy white sand, refreshingly calm water and secluded location, such a beautiful place to lay back.

4. Nangaramoan Beach

image credit: instagram / @chrstvien__

Stunning sunset, astounding rock formations, and astonishing scenery, Nangaramoan Beach will make you use all the awe words indeed!

5. Manidad Island

image credit: Donde Si Jepepips

Manidad Island or the crocodile island (oopsie!)… Is not as scary as it sound. The name was derived from its shaped resembling to a sleeping crocodile. The island disappears during high tide.

6. Gotan Beach

image credit: cagayanvalleyregion.com

Gotan Beach is the richest among all the beaches in the country. It offers not white but golden sparkling sand!

7. Sinago Cove

image credit: intagram / @noelontheroad

Marvelous rock formations and impeccable vicinity, Sinago Cove will make you forget the world of technology and opt for total isolation!

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