7 Phantasmagoric Destinations to Visit in Camarines Norte


7 Phantasmagoric Destinations to Visit in Camarines Norte

1. Calaguas Group of Islands

Calaguas Group of Islands - IG / heyitsmeevon

Why waste your energy with the throng in Boracay when you can walk through Calaguas Group of Islands powdery white sand? Aside from its scenic view, it also offers water and land activities including snorkeling, wind surfing, island hopping and trekking. Hence, it is categorized as virgin for there has been no establishment made there yet.

2. Mercedes Group of Islands

Mercedes Group of Islands - FB / MVPBTravelTours

If Calaguas Group of Islands is not enough, then spend seven days more with Mercedes Group of Islands seven awe-inspiring islands namely: Apuao Grande, Apuao Pequena, Canimog, Canton, Caringo, Malasugui and Quinapaguian!

3. Malatap Falls

Malatap Falls - FB / Nero Madera Campollo

Have an exciting dip at the coolest, literally the coolest waterfalls in Camarines Norte!

4. Kinamanokan Dive Site

Kinamanokan Dive Site - FB / Evolution Diving

First thing first, you will not find a rooster swimming underneath the water in Kinamanokan Dive Site, okay? But rather witness the rich marine life of Camarines Norte! It is highly recommended especially for underwater adventurer!

5. Mampurog River

Mampurog River - IG / dhonjason

Travelling is a fulfillment of our soul but causes body pain afterwards. Well, mark my word buddies, NOT IN CAMARINES NORTE! Get a unique relaxing spa at Mampurog River! Leaning at the cascading water and rocks of the river will easily wipe away your exhaustion and give your muscles a natural therapy!

6. Pag-asa Beach

Pag-asa Beach - FB / Lina Pardo

Is your faith shaking? Feeling hopeless and seems like nobody understands you? Just always remember, there is always hope, there’s Pag-asa beach you can visit to regain that hope!

7. Pineapple Island Resort

Pineapple Island Resort - IG / charlenekae

Camarines Norte is known to be the country’s producer of sweet pineapples, it’s no doubt that even their resort was named after it! It is the most notable resort in the island, the resort was ironically named an island since it is surrounded by a river making it look like an island, indeed, a unique work of art by mankind!

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