6 Serene Natural Spots in La Union That You’ll Find Hard to Forget!


6 Serene Attractions to Visit in La Union

Plan a trip up to the north and have a getaway!

If you want to have a different north trip this time, opt to visit the humble province of La Union, located 6 hours from Manila and tagged as the Surfing Paradise of the North. The province isn’t just boast for having a consistent waves, that makes it to be most loved by surfer enthusiasts, but also has plenty of amazing places, where your feet can take you!

Check out this list!

1. Bahay na Bato

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Respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and be captivated by a beautiful art gallery of wood carvings and stone art located along a pebble beach. Surely everyone who has a heart for art will gonna love this place!

Location: Brgy. Nalvo Norte, Luna, La Union

2. Bauang Beach

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For those who can’t afford to end the summer without dipping their body in a cool and refreshing sea water neither want to swim in a crowded beach,  La Union has a perfect spot for you. Appreciate the nice sand of the beach and the cool ambiance at Bauang Beach, which is tucked in San Fernando!

Location: Taberna, San Fernando, La Union

3. Occalong Falls

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Wash your stress away at the refreshing Occalong Falls, also called Ukkalong Falls, nestled in Barangay Cabalitocan, 20 minutes from city proper.

Location: Brgy. Cabalitocan, San Fernando, La Union

4. Tangadan Falls

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A popular waterfalls, that can be reached after an hour of walking by the trail. The journey to Tangadan Falls will also make you witness a beautiful scenery of dam, gigantic rock formation and a refreshing forest!

Location: Brgy. Amontoc, San Gabriel, La Union

5. Tuddingan Falls

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A 70-feet waterfalls located in the Municipality of Naguilian, is one of the must visit natural spots in La Union. Its majestical rock layers, where the water runs down amazingly created a majestic view, that can take everyone’s breath away!

Yes, this falls is formerly called Burayok Falls. 😉

Location: Tuddingan, Naguilian, La Union

6. Balay Anito Falls

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A bewitching waterfalls, that connotes a house of Unseen Friends or Anitos, where you can enjoy a basin of pristine and water cascading from atop.

Location: Santol, La Union

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