6 Attractive Places You Should Stop by at the Shoe Capital of the Philippines


Marikina is probably the first place that comes to your mind if you are looking for classy, quality footwear. This beautiful city is famous for its handcrafted shoes, no wonder it is dubbed as the shoe capital of the Philippines. But aside from that, Marikina also has hidden gems that are just waiting to be explored. And that’s what we’re gonna do right now: visit the charming cultural and food lovers’ places you can’t miss in Marikina.

1. Marikina Shoe Museum

Okay, first, the place that makes Marikina famous – the Marikina Shoe Museum. This museum is perfect for all shoe lovers, for it exhibits traditional footwear from different countries, and shoes from prominent personalities like Imelda Marcos.

Location: JP Rizal St.

2. DITO: Bahay ng Sining

An artistic place with a theater and a cafe that you ought to visit when you’re in Marikina. DITO holds theater plays, workshops, live performances, board games and bazaars. Plus, they have Starving for Art – a monthly art festival where they let performers to show their talent in spoken poetry, performance art, live band, dance, DJ and more.

Location: in front of Conception Elementary School

3. Patio Vera

If you are into Spanish-Filipino food, Patio Vera is the place to go. It is an ancestral house-turned-restaurant with an Asian-eclectic and maximalist style. Some of their must-try dishes are paella, menudo, chicken pork adobo, longganisa carbonara and fried halo-halo.

Location: 70 Gen F Santos

4. Rustic Mornings

Doesn’t it feel good to have a soothing time alone or with friends, over a plate of crispy waffle churros, buttermilk pancakes with bacon and herbed hash browns, or pineapple-lime sorbet in a quiet garden-type restaurant? Come and have a fine dining experience at Rustic Mornings!

Location: 11 Isabelo Mendoza St.

5. Pan de Amerikana

Pandesal. It is every Pinoy’s favorite breakfast. It is best paired with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate, or eat it with cheese, butter, peanut butter. We know a place where you can taste authentic 1950’s pandesal, Pan de Amerikana is the perfect place for you! They sell mega sized wheat, giant Pandesal Pan Amerikano, and mega-sized ensaymada at affordable price! They also serve Filipino dishes like pinakbet, sarabsarab, dinengdeng, dinuguan, tinomok, sisig, pinangat, and many more! Pasta lovers can also enjoy their delicious carbonara, spaghetti, bolognese, and baked macaroni. Savor such succulent dishes in a garden setting!

Location: 82 Ordoñez St.

6. Kapitan Moy Building and Cafe Kapitan Restaurant

Be sure to stop by at this 200 year old iconic building where the shoe industry started. It was the house of Don Laureano Guevarra, the father of the shoe industry in Marikina.

Location: JP Rizal St.







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