16,000 Blossoms: A New Attraction in Baybay City, Leyte that Will Surely Enchant You!


Tired of seeing the city lights at night and want to have something new to fancy under the quiet, dark night?

Image Credit: @nikkawhynot

Well, you don’t have to look further as Leyte’s Baybay City seemed to answer your prayer! Just this Thursday night, 16 June, a garden of 16,000 LED-powered roses lighted up the Lintaon Peak, which serve as the highest spot in the province.

Image Credit: @leovirburato

At present, ‘16 Blossoms’ is one of the main attractions in the province, where you shouldn’t miss to take your feet on whenever you visit Leyte!

Image Credit: @discover.baybaycity

Aside from delighting your wanderlust with this surreal attraction, the 16,000 LED-powered roses will also serve as a great backdrop to your every photo!

Image Credit: @discover.baybaycity

Catch a glimpse of a field of LED roses—which spell out “I {heart} Baybay.!

For more information about 16,000 Blossoms, you may check out Discover Baybay City.

16 Blossoms

Location: Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte

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