10 Royal Waterfalls You Must Chase in the Philippines

image credit: instagram / @tipsfortravels

With the tropical season that the Philippines has, it is no wonder that Pinoys are fond of different kinds of travel destinations which has something to do with water. Beach, lake, waterfalls and the likes.

Are you feeling hot and fancy to feel the cold nature water into your body? If you answered it yes, then join us as we take you to 10 royal waterfalls you must see in the Philippines! Tara!

1. Tinuy-an Falls (Surigao del Sur)

image credit: instagram / @kim_chie09

Stressed? Wash it away at Tinuy-an Falls, a three layered falls which is touted to be the widest in the Philippines. Oh!

2. Asik-Asik Falls (North Cotabato)

image credit: insatagram / @hmessilah

Be amazed by the mystical beauty of Asik-Asik Falls. Just a mere look in this falls makes your breath away!

3. Tinago Falls (Lanao del Norte)

image credit: instagram / @ittlestjoys

Lure yourself into the mystifying beauty of Tinago Falls. Let its cascaded water wash off your bad feelings.

4. Maria Cristina Falls (Lanao del Norte)

image credit: instagram / @bradleygbasai

If there is a powerful waterfalls in the country, surely it is none other than the famous Maria Cristina Falls. Why would it not be? Just one of it’s drops of water is harnessed as a source of electricity for a vast part of Iligan City. Whoa!

5. Aliwagwag Falls (Davao Oriental)

image credit: instagram / @fffgggwww

Hot? Come on! Beat the heat with the country’s highest waterfalls – Aliwagwag Falls!

6. Mag-aso Falls (Negros Occidental)

image credit: instagram / @travelstoriesphilippines

Wash away your troubles and be prepared for your breath to be taken away with the astonishing beauty of Mag-aso Falls.

7. Kawasan Falls (Cebu)

image credit: instagram / @dianethebrunette


Truly, Cebu has a lot of wonderful things and one of the things that this province can brag about is it’s captivating Kawasan Waterfalls!

8. Casaroro Falls (Valencia, Negros Occidental)

image credit: instagram / @samdnaylor

Want an instagrammable waterfalls? Surely, a single and narrow veil of Casaroro Falls will not fail to amaze you!

9. Katibawasan Falls (Camiguin)

image credit: instagram / @akosilinatutubi


If you really are a waterfall chaser and a nature lover, Katibawasan Falls will surely make a spot in your eyes! It does not only has a charming falls but has beautiful lush orchids, ferns and trees as well.

10.Cambugahay Falls (Siquijor)

image credit: instagram / @joramdl_

Cambugahay may be the midget among this list of waterfalls but it doesn’t mean that it will not take your breath away. Rejuvenate with the it’s calm and clear warm water.


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