10 Places to Go to When You Are in Iloilo


Whether you are traveling alone or exploring with your loved one, come and immerse yourself in the exceptional beauty of Iloilo. Cause if you’re looking for beautiful places to marvel at, the “City of Love” has plenty of those!

1. Iloilo River Esplanade

image credit: @mkmalaluan

Have a leisurely walk and appreciate the beautiful sunset view at the peaceful promenade that runs alongside the Iloilo River.

2. Garin Farm in San Joaquin

image credit: @thearkitep

This inland resort integrates agriculture, leisure, and pilgrimage in one site.  Your visit to this beautiful farm wouldn’t be complete without taking 480 steps before getting to the cross at the highest point of the resort.

3. Gigantes Islands

image credit: @comeseephilippines

Astounding, eh? See the pristine blue waters and magnificent backdrops of white sand beaches? Be sure to include this remote and natural place to your bucket list.

4. Agho Island in Concepcion

image credit: @nicbarrido

Ditch any negative thoughts and be relaxed and refreshed at Iloilo’s another hidden gem – the Agho Island in Concepcion.

5. Bucari in Leon

image credit: @yourlittlemissgail

If hiking is your thing, then you must head to Bucari, Leon – stunning landscapes with spectacular mountains, rice terraces, and pine forests ideal for hiking, trekking, climbing, and camping.

6. Molo Church and Plaza

image credit: @kian.alberto

Take a stroll in and around Molo Plaza and visit the magnificent Molo Church. It is also known as “the feminist church” of Iloilo due to its all-women ensemble of saints represented in 16 statues.

7. Smallville Complex in Mandurriao

image credit: Iloilo.net.ph

Heads up, party goers! Get ready to rave and discover the most popular dance clubs and bars in Smallville Complex and experience the lively nightlife scene in Iloilo.

8. Miag-ao Church in Miag-ao

image credit: @mnmanzano

Another must-visit church in Iloilo is the Miag-ao Church, also known as the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church. It was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

9. Calle Real in Iloilo City

image credit: @caysalmon

Be captivated by this remarkable building that is also known as “Escolta”.

10. The Molo Mansion

image credit: @patrickcarrillo

Go back in time and spend a weekend at this significant and historic house in Molo, Iloilo which was turned into a heritage museum. It showcases local delicacies, products and arts made by Ilonggos.


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