10 Instagram-Worthy Places in the Visayas That Will Make Your Followers Go Crazy


With numerous fun things to do, succulent foods to chew, and insanely beautiful places to view, no wonder travelers opt to go to the Visayas for an unforgetable getaway. Be sure to include these Instagrammable places in the Visayas in your bucket list!

1. Tumalog Falls, Cebu

Image Credit: instagram / @lil.fernandez

Unlike to the usual falls that are tall and raging, this falls in inland Oslob in Cebu is different. Its waters come down in steady drizzles. Just imagine you are under the rain and have a senti moment.

2. Biri Rock Formation, Samar

Image Credit: instagram / @reinmellence

This series of enormous, rough-hewn rock formations with interesting shapes is sculpted by waves.

3. Virgin Island, Bohol

Image Credit: instagram / @jordentually

With its looooong stretch of white sand beach, Virgin Island is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bohol. You can There are several activities you can do here like dolphin-watching in Pamilacan Island or snorkeling in Balicasag Island.

4. The Ruins, Negros Occidental

Image Credit: instagram / @enelso

Bring bae here and marvel the utterly beautiful remnants of a sugar baron’s house that was built for his wife. The Ruins is situated in the middle of a well kept lawn.

5. Cambugahay Falls

Image Credit: instagram / @travel.talk.talk

Known for its mystic and mystery, Siquijor is an island located in the Central Visayas region. One of its tourist attractions is the splendid Cambugahay Falls with multi-layered cascading falls. Go beat the heat by dipping in its warm and clear water!

6. Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Image Credit: instagram / @donna_the_explorer

AND, how can you not visit the iconic Chocolate Hills? If you want to capture those chocolate kisses, be sure to visit during the dry season.

7. Salagdoong Beach

Image Credit: instagram / @iamjanpaolo

Even though there are man-made structures on the beach, Salagdoong is still gorgeous. Not to mention the amazing rock formations that surround the beach.

8. Cantabon Cave

Image Credit: instagram / @fph42

Thrill-seekers will definitely be astonished by the subterranean charm of Siquijor. The province has stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations that will make you put your phone in your pocket and just enjoy the view.

9. Ulan Ulan Falls

Image Credit: instagram / @windowseat.ph

Have fun canyoning at this 90 feet high waterfall that cascades down vegetation and rocks.

10. Gigantes Island

Image Credit: instagram / @paulvallar86

Drowning from stress and deadlines? Give yourself a break. See the pristin e blue waters and magnificent backdrops of white sand beaches, and have a peaceful vacay at Gigantes Island!

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