10 Beautiful Places in Pangasinan Worth Wandering Through


Located in the Western area of Luzon along the Lingayen Gulf and South China Sea, Pangasinan is a beautiful province that is full of natural wonders. Its name means “place for salt” as it is the country’s major producer of salt. The name is derived from the prefix “pang” that means “for”, and the root word “asin” meaning “salt”, plus the suffix an meaning “location”.

This beautiful province boasts plenty of pleasurable attractions that make tourists come back.

Take a glimpse of some of the mesmerizing spots you should visit in Pangasinan.

1. Bolinao Falls

image credit: IG / ndnamoro

Want to relax and recharge after hours of trekking? You’ll surely want to dip your body into the cool and refreshing waters of Bolinao Falls along the forests of Bolinao!

2. Enchanted Cave

image credit: IG / tesylanora

One of the places that should have a spot on your bucket list is this fascinating cave in the province that offers clear waters full of corals and ancient rocks. So prepare yourself to get an enchanting experience!

3. Hundred Islands National Park

image credit: FB / Images of ASIA

Most of you have probably been to this famous and beautiful Hundred Islands National Park in the city of Alaminos which is said to be million of years old. It is made up of around 120 islands, depending on the tide. Be amazed by the oddly-shaped islands (crocodile-shaped and turtle-shaped island) that look like the Crocodile Island is chasing the poor Turtle Island.

4. Lingayen Beach

image credit: IG / jackyloubernal

The Philippines, as most of us aware of, hosts many beautiful beaches. And Lingayen Beach is one of them. It has powdery sand that will make you want to walk barefoot and take in the scenic view.

5. Patar Beach

image credit: IG / mcsantiago_

Patar Beach is another destination in the province that will leave you awestruck. Aside from its fine white sand and pristine waters, you will surely be amazed by how its sand turns into a lush gold color once the sun sets!

6. Bangrin Marine Protected Area

image credit: Johnny Galimba

Bangrin MPA in Bani, Pangasinan is a 42.5-hectare of mangrove forest that houses over a hundred species of birds. Whether you are into bird-watching or a simple nature lover, this refreshing forest is a good place to visit. You can paddleboat through the dense forest to witness the beauty of nature. You shouldn’t miss the captivating view of the water that turns orange as the sun sets.

7. Olanen Beach

image credit: Willie Alday

Bask under the tropical sun or dip your body into the clear and cool waters of Olanen Beach in Barangay Dacap Sur, Bani, Pangasinan.

8. Surip Beach

image credit: FB / Renato Nazarro

This one is another stunning beach you can visit at the westernmost part of Bani, Pangasinan. Surip is rocky underwater, ideal for those who want to snorkel and scuba dive.

9. Nalsoc Cave

image credit: FB / Marz Linnaeous Libunao Rabadon

Bani indeed boasts many wonderful spots to explore. Nalsoc Cave is one of them. Located in Barangay Colayo, this cavern will show you an amazing archway made of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave also covers a subterranean river that passes through the limestone formations.

10. Baliwangga Falls

image credit: FB / George's - All about the Philippines

O, eto bes, falls. It’s better to visit this beautiful waterfalls cascading at a thousand-foot depth than to be with someone who is pa-fall.



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