10 Astonishing Places to Visit in Zambales



Being with someone for so long makes you think you already know them, but when you see their other side it’ll make you wonder about their identity and fall into disappointment.

Just like Zambales, not because you’ve been there once or twice it’ll make you think you already know it! If you want to know something or someone even more, look at the bigger picture because you might miss an important piece of the puzzle! Turn that frown upside down in Zambales and I assure you, in Zambales there’s no disappointment just pure happiness!

1. Bacala Guesthouse

1 Bacala Guesthouse

Calm your senses at Bacala Guesthouse! The place is very serene and not to mention that the guesthouse stood in the middle of Masinloc mysterious sandbar making the scene more dramatic and charming.

2. Calanga Reef

2 Calanga Reef

Get up close and personal with Zambales marine life at Calanga Reef!

3. Capones Island

3 Capones Island

Look for Zambales hidden treasures at Capones Island! Up until now there is no commercial establishment that is built in the island so you can own it for a day! The island is covered with white sand beaches and surrounded by turquoise water perfect for a romantic private date!

4. Hermana Mayor Island

4 Hermana Mayor Island

Hermana Mayor Island is an isolated paradise in Sta. Cruz Zambales. It was the venue of the Miss Universe way back 1979! The isolated land is filled with nature god-given gifts! Fertile land, clean air, stretches of glaring white sand beaches, sounds perfect for a wedding venue right? Make your girl feel like a queen at Hermana Mayor Island!

5. Mt. Pinatubo and Pinatubo Lake

5 Mt. Pinatubo and Pinatubo Lake

They say, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, just like what happened in Mt. Pinatubo. After the ghastly incident brought by the mountain eruption a new and astonishing scenery emerge! Be captive by the beauty shaped by history at Mt. Pinatubo!

6. Sagrada Familia Cave

6 Sagrada Familia Cave

People flock in Sagrada Familia Cave during Good Friday. The place is renowned for the mysterious image of the Holy Family. Indeed, nature never fail to surprise us with its beauty and divinity!

7. Sta. Barbara Falls

7 Sta. Barbara Falls

Behold! The new wonder of nature found in Iba Zambales! Get thrilled with the rock formations of the cascade of waterfalls! The water is inviting and cold, alluring you to have a splash after a 30 minutes trekking!

8. Silanguin Bay

8 Silanguin Bay

Who says you need to go far just to find an ideal place for scuba diving? No need to look further because Silanguin Bay got your back!

9. Coto Kidz Pool

9 Coto Kidz Pool

First of all, it’s not a kiddy pool and secondly it is not a pool. Coto Kidz Pool is a river. Be careful when you go swimming, do not get deceive by the look of the water!  Enjoy an affordable get away at the biggest deposit of refractory ore in the world!

10. Mt. Tapulao

10 Mt. Tapulao

Test your endurance at Mt. Tapulao! The mountain stands at 2, 037 meters above sea level and 36-kilometer hike from jump-off to summit and back. It usually takes 2-day of mountaineering to get to the mountain peak! But all the effort will be paid off when you see the vast vicinity of Subic Bay!


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